Maui Coffee Roasters

We visited Maui Coffee Roasters recently for the very first time. It’s a fantastic place to stop and get a cup of coffee and it is centrally located on the island.

Compared to many other coffee shops on the island, Maui Coffee Roasters has a nice air conditioned building located in a strip mall. On our recent visit they had plenty of available seating and so we stayed extra long for lunch and drinks.

Maui Coffee Company serves all of the traditional coffee drinks you’ve come to expect, plus Nitro and cold brew. I had the cold brew, since it was a warm September day.

The cold brew was excellent. Some places brew it and it’s too strong. This cold brew was great, and didn’t need any cream or sugar.

I should add that we were there a few hours camping in the corner by the front window. We had work to do, so we made use of the free wireless internet.

They serve up a teriyaki chicken wrap which I tried. Awesome! I highly recommend trying it!

If you’re looking for a great place for coffee on Maui, or just need a place to get a little work done, try Maui Coffee Roasters!

Getting there

Maui Coffee Roasters
444 Hana Hwy.
Kahului, HI 97669
Phone: (808) 877-2877