Maui Kids Guide

Aloha! Perhaps that’s the most predictable introduction for an island guide, but it is appropriate.

My name is Chris Tingom, and along with my wife and our two children we’re going to do our best to introduce you to Maui! We’ll be sharing our favorite places to go, the best beaches for kids, as well as our favorite shave ice on Maui.

We can’t stop there! We’re going to also share our favorite restaurants, including our lunch and dinner picks.

Our family loves to travel between the islands. We’ve got a web site about Honolulu which we might reference here and there. Our favorite islands are Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. If you’re coming here for a vacation, or a honeymoon, or even business, I hope this online guide is handy.

Did I mention our kids are 4 years old, and 9 months? Because of this, we’re going to sharing our perspective on beaches that are “kid friendly.” For us, that means they tend to have smaller waves, lots of sand, and of course restrooms.

About Chris: By day, I design and manage web sites. By night, we are working hard to build an online empire of web sites that help people find cool things to do here in Hawaii.

About Jana: I watch the kids, and help Chris with writing reviews and editing photos for our web sites. We also run a web site called Honolulu Things To Do which highlights excellent activities on Oahu.