Top 10 Things to Do with Kids on Maui

Are you bringing the whole family to Maui? If so, you’ll want to have some options for kids activities on Maui.

This guide may tend to favor younger children, since our kids are ages 1 and 4. However, there are lots of ideas here for all ages!

Top ten things to do in Maui with kids:

The Maui Ocean Center

1. The Maui Ocean Center: Definitely one of the best aquarium’s in the islands, and the only aquarium on Maui. The Maui Ocean Center is a terrific place to go and see the variety of fish that swim in the waters of Hawaii. The Ocean Center features numerous indoor exhibits about whales, fish, and other marine life. There’s a tank full of Hammerhead sharks, and another tank with baby sea turtles. There’s a tank where you can touch sea sponges, stars, and other fish.


2. Baby Beach on the west side: This beach, as the name suggests, is perfect for babies… and kids who don’t like waves. It is by far the tamest beach on all of Maui. It features a large reef about 1,000 feet off shore which effectively prevents wave action. This makes for some great beaches for kids because the waves are so small. It’s seriously one of the best beaches in Lahaina, on the west shore of Maui. This beach doesn’t have any restrooms.

The Lavender Farm

3. The Lavender Farm: If you’re tired of the beach, or just want an escape from the sunshine, I highly suggest the Lavender Farm. Beyond beautiful with excellent views of the island. This farm has lots of variety and lots of native Hawaiian flowering plants. There’s a sort of scavenger hunt, too! If you can find all of the stamp boxes, you can get a free lavender cookie from the bakery.

baby beach near baldwin beach maui

4. Baby Beach on the north shore: There’s a terrific beach for kids located on the north shore that features an offshore reef. This provides tremendous protection from waves and keeps the surf activity down. The beach is about 0.6 miles west of Baldwin Beach (and this also means the closest restroom is 0.6 miles away).


5. Iao Valley State Park: One of the highlights of the island and a terrific short-hike. The Iao Needle is often covered in clouds, and receives a terrific amount of rain each year. There’s a nice paved walkway with views of the needle. You can also walk down and see the creek which is often overflowing with water. Parking is usually less than $5 for the car. One of the best outdoor activities for kids.

Kalama Park

6. Kalama Park on the south shore: There’s a terrific park located on the south shore called Kalama Park that has lots of swings, playground equipment, and picnic tables. They also have a roller skating arena, a football field, and basketball courts. Plenty of fun for the whole family, and it is located right on the beach across from popular restaurants and shops. Free public parking, too!

maui splash pad

7. The Maui Mall in Kahului next door to Whole Foods and a Thai Restaurant has both a movie theater as well as a splash pad for kids. Our children, ages 4 and 1 absolutely love the splash pad, and spent close to an hour recently playing there. It’s perfect for a hot summer day! And, you can also stop and get groceries at Whole Foods!

Goat Farm The Surfing Dairy Goat Farm

8. Goat Farm: The Surfing Dairy Goat Farm is both an operating goat farm where they produce (among other things) delicious goat cheese. They offer tours and of course you can pet the goats. Lots of fun for the whole family. This is close to the Lavender Farm. There are also a few other places on the mountain worth seeing, such as a winery.


9. Maui Golf & Sports Park in Ma‘alaea, Mini-golf, bumper boats, rock climbing, trampolines, and much more!


10. Atlantis Adventures’ 1.5 hour submarine tours from Lahaina Pier include a visit to the Carthaginian (a sunken ship). The submarine is air-conditioned and goes about 130 feet underwater.

Enjoy your time in Maui! It’s a really great place to visit, especially with kids!

Maui With Kids: The Lavender Farm

The lavender farm is everything you expect it to be, and more. Entrance to The Lavender Farm is only $3 per person (12 and under are free), and compared to everything else you can do on the island is dirt cheap.

We visited the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in early September.

Maui Lavender Farm

But, the experience is amazing! We arrived on a sunny September afternoon and enjoyed spectacular views of the entire island, and enjoyed a nice casual stroll through the gardens.

The Lavender Farm is home to the largest lavender farm on Maui, but they also have many other types of plants and flowers spread throughout the property.

There are a number of options once you arrive:

  • Walk around the property by yourself
  • Take a tour with a guide
  • Check out the gift shops / coffee shop

We chose to walk around the property ourselves without the tour, and didn’t feel like we missed anything. The garden is well labeled and most plants have a sign that indicates what type of lavender you’re looking at. the garden is split into a few big areas, and there are ample photo spots.

kids on Kula Lavender Farm

For the kids: There’s a sort of scavenger hunt that begins at the gift shop. The goal is to collect a stamp from each of the spots on the map. If you do that, you’ll receive a free lavender cookie from the gift shop.

The gift shop has a small coffee offering as well as baked goods. They were all good, and had various lavender flavors.

The gift shop is home to everything purple and lavender scented. If you’re looking for new lavender candles, or lavender lotion, or lavender perfume, this is the place for you! The sales staff are very nice and will help answer any questions you may have.

Restrooms / port-o-potties are located right next to the gift shop.

It took us about 2 hours to fully explore the farm. We began with a tour of the primary lavender fields which are located above the gift shop. There are some nice ramads’s and walkways. This area offers the best views and the most lavender.

The self-guided tour continues with more exotic lavender fields below the gift shop. There are also lots of other flowering plants that are native to Hawaii that are fun to see.

Getting there

The Lavender Farm is located on the eastern side of the island on the mountain. From the north shore it will take 30 minutes. From the south shore it will take 60 minutes.

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm
1100 Waipoli Road
Kula, HI. 96790
Phone: 808-878-3004

Maui Aquarium

For those days that you’re wondering what to do when it is raining on Maui, may we recommend the Maui Ocean Center? It’s a fascinating aquarium and a terrific place to learn about the fish and marine life around the Hawaiian islands.

The aquarium costs about $20 per person. Kids under 3 are free.

For an additional $3/each you can get an audio guided tour of the aquarium. We’ve never done the guided tour, and since most of the aquarium is perfectly well labeled we don’t recommend it.

The aquarium is separated into a few different areas, including a sea turtle exhibit, a hammerhead shark tank, a petting tank with sea cucumbers, star fish, and something cool called a mermaids pillow (I suspect it has an official latin name).

There’s also an enormous tank with a variety of fish, sharks, and sting rays. It’s a huge tank, with another section that you can walk through.

The aquarium is next to a couple of other restaurants, including a BBQ restaurant, and some shops. You may want to pop into some of the shops nearby for a Guava drink since the aquarium doesn’t really even sell water.