Maui Aquarium

For those days that you’re wondering what to do when it is raining on Maui, may we recommend the Maui Ocean Center? It’s a fascinating aquarium and a terrific place to learn about the fish and marine life around the Hawaiian islands.

The aquarium costs about $20 per person. Kids under 3 are free.

For an additional $3/each you can get an audio guided tour of the aquarium. We’ve never done the guided tour, and since most of the aquarium is perfectly well labeled we don’t recommend it.

The aquarium is separated into a few different areas, including a sea turtle exhibit, a hammerhead shark tank, a petting tank with sea cucumbers, star fish, and something cool called a mermaids pillow (I suspect it has an official latin name).

There’s also an enormous tank with a variety of fish, sharks, and sting rays. It’s a huge tank, with another section that you can walk through.

The aquarium is next to a couple of other restaurants, including a BBQ restaurant, and some shops. You may want to pop into some of the shops nearby for a Guava drink since the aquarium doesn’t really even sell water.